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Yong han introduction

Yong han introduction
Anhui yong han, founded in 1996, is a concentration of audit (with the qualification of securities) and assets assessment (with the qualification of s...
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   Anhui yonghan management consulting co. LTD

   Chairman: 0555-2229930

   General manager: 0555-2229931

   Accounting office: 0555-2229934

   Tax office: 0555-2233058

   Assessment agency: 0555-2229938

   Engineering institute: 0555-2233900

   Management consulting: 0551-62990373

   Shouguan credit: 0555-2229933

   Bidding agency: 0555-2229935

   Government procurement: 0555-2229935

   Information department: 0555-2229937

   Finance department: 0555-2229939

   Office: 0555-2233905

   Website: www.ahyhcpa.com

   Address: floor 20, gonghui building, building 6, kangtai home, maanshan

   Room 1504, building C3, Lakeside times square, baohe district, hefei